VPC – Firearm Deaths vs. Motor Vehicle Deaths

Some of the data presented here is a re-hash of data presented in two other posts: On Licensing and Training and On Nonfatal Firearm Injuries but is presented again here in support of the argument against the VPC’s report.

The Violence Policy Center recently released a report in which they compare firearm related deaths to motor vehicle related deaths. The VPC’s conclusion – based on the higher number of firearms related deaths compared to motor vehicle related deaths – is that firearms need to be regulated like cars are.
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Happy New Year – I’m an Atheist

Some people already know this, to one degree or another. Others either do not know or have ignored the writing on the wall.

I am an Atheist.

I feel that there is insufficient empirical data to support the existence of god(s). Therefore, I do not live my life assuming any do.

In order to maintain the status quo – people of faith are allowed to discuss, shove in your face, and be loud about their faith while anyone who does not subscribe is expected to keep their mouth shut, lest they offend – I have, for the most part, kept quiet about my beliefs, or lack thereof.

The status quo is shit.

It’s a new year and it’s time for a change. I will no longer participate in maintaining the status quo. I will no longer hide ashamed because I don’t believe.

The upshot is that if you read this blog, follow me on social media sites, or engage me in discussions on religion, expect to see/hear things from me that you may find “offensive.” If this is likely to cause you to be bothered beyond what you think that you can handle then feel free to unflow, defriend or otherwise ignore me.

Happy New Year.